A CSMs First Word? 'Data'

In this weeks issue we're talking data democratization, what makes 'good' data, choosing a CDP, and beyond.

A CSMs First Word? 'Data'
(Illustration inspired by 'Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA' Book by Jimmy Fallon)

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In customer success, data democratization means going beyond pre-built reports and dashboards by granting CSMs the ability to build their own custom reports and dashboards and share them internally or directly with customers.

What Makes ‘Good’ Data in Customer Success?

"The best way customers can get ahead of the game and prepare for implementation is to conduct data cleaning. Time spent improving the accuracy of your data is always time well spent."

How to Choose the Best Customer Data Platform

Since there’s a wide variety of CDPs in the market and they do not all fully deliver the capabilities of a customer data platform, Insider prepared a great question list for you to think about when choosing the right CDP for your needs.

Cookies, Compliance and Customer Data: Preparing for a Privacy-First Future

As the landscape of the internet changes to a privacy-first model, business leaders are being forced to reevaluate their strategies to remain compliant, maintain consumer trust, and stay competitive in this digitally-driven era.

In other SaaS CS News 🚨

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Customer Satisfaction Metric
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The ultimate goal of any CS organization is to retain and grow revenues that come from existing clients, but in order to reach this ultimate goal, there are many objectives the CSM needs to achieve.
Podcast #37A — Tish Looper, VP of Customer Success at TigerGraph
Written by Sneha Saxena

We'll leave you with...

The Future of AI: Holographic Concerts (by way of Medium)

Technology is constantly shifting and changing, and when art collides with technology, there is space for innovation, experimentation, and also fear — especially if that technology is replicating or attempting to replace art making. But with tools like dall-e, what is the future of art? Moving away from just visual image making, how does technology affect other art forms, including music?

This has been on my mind recently after seeing a holographic concert of ABBA here in London, entitled “ABBA Voyage.” Keep reading -->

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