A Slice of Advice for Customer Success Managers

Take a slice (or two) of advice from this week's edition of the CSN! We're sharing blogs filled with wisdom on how you can become an even better Customer Success Manager.

A Slice of Advice for Customer Success Managers
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How CS Teams Can Improve Their Trust in Data

Data is invaluable with every step of the customer journey. From pitching to renewals, this blog discusses which types of data should be shared and trusted depending on your stage in the customer journey.

How to Be a Good Customer Success Manager

What does it take to be a good CSM? It's one of the fastest-growing roles in the SaaS industry, and this blog shares advice from current CSMs on what it takes to be great in this role and how you can outshine the competition.

This blog predicts key trends important to customer success roles in the coming year. These trends could help position customer success teams and the customer success industry for success.

Customer Success is a Mindset

Hear Stephanie Hamilton, a 15+ year Customer Success leader, in this interview recap blog. She shares her most significant challenges, biggest pieces of advice, and nuggets of wisdom from her career that can help others in the CS space.

In Other SaaS CS News 🚨

What is CX? Understanding the Customer Journey
Customer experience, or CX, is the sum of all cognitive, emotional, sensory, and behavioral responses a customer has with a brand. Quite…
Be Sure Your CSM Team Has These 5 Playbooks | ClientSuccess
Playbook Vectors by Vecteezy For customer success teams, playbooks are invaluable tools to help them save time and be more efficient in their customer interactions. Playbooks consist of a series of actions, next steps, and tactical items that can be…
Five hiring trends for Customer Success professionals to know in 2023
The biggest Customer Success hiring trends to anticipate in 2023. 1. Traveling for work climbs the list of job expectations. 2. Reduced budgets sharpen employers’ appetite for niche experience.

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California has had a three-year-long drought, and many reservoirs and lakes show its negative effects.

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