All Roads Point to Customer Success

Choosing the road less travelled to Customer Success? This ones for you! We're talking transitioning into a Customer Success career, and more!

All Roads Point to Customer Success

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5 Reasons Customer Success is a Smart Career Pivot

Send this one to your friends! Why? Because our friends at RecastSuccess are talking about why you should consider a career pivot toward Customer Success. Then they're providing you with the tools you'll need to actually do it.

Transferring Skills: From Assistant Coaching to Customer Success

"I work in a customer success role teaching kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, barefoot, in a gi. I have been doing this for 7 years, and it has helped me grow as a person and has taught me skills that an outsider may not automatically assume it would."

Pathways to Customer Success: From Sales to CS

When we dig a little deeper, there are many skills that are actually similar between the two, and someone with a Sales career might find that they’re able to easily transition into a Customer Success career.

Why Customer Success was a great fit for me!

I have been absolutely blessed to be able to make this career move, a significant role change in how you serve customers and to pivot from Sales to CSM while staying within a company.  These moves are not easy to manage.

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