Churn Baby Churn

This week... you guessed it... we're talking churn, baby, churn. Churn analysis, prediction, demystifying churn with qualitative research, and more!

Churn Baby Churn

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Churn Analysis: What Is It, Why Does It Matter & Why We Do It

We rely on retaining as many subscribed customers as possible to generate consistent revenue. To achieve this goal, it's crucial to know why a customer might churn and be proactive about developing a customer churn prevention plan.

Better Churn Prediction

To churn or not churn — That is not the real question! Asking the “when” question instead of “who” not only gives us unbiased results but also deeper insight into what we’re really interested with: How long do subscribers take to churn.

Demystifying Churn: How Qualitative Research Will Help

In this webinar, Anita Toth, Chief Churn Crusher, talks more about customer interviews. In this comprehensive article, you’ll be able to discover how qualitative research can help you retain more customers.

Eliminate Churn Forever in 5 Simple Steps

Churn is so easy to get rid of… you just have to do five simple things. If churn is a problem for you, this post will change that (if you’ll let it) and then you can move onto bigger and better things. Once churn is a non-issue, you can focus on growth.

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