Collaborate & Listen; CSN is Back With a Brand-New Edition

This week's CSN focuses on collaboration! Cross-collaboration is essential for optimizing Customer Success teams, and we've lined up some awesome resources to prove it.

Collaborate & Listen; CSN is Back With a Brand-New Edition
Just in case you didn't catch the "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice reference 🧊

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How CS and Product Management Teams Work Together

Each team has similar roles and goals, but it is essential to align Customer Success and Product Teams to create positive customer experiences and avoid any unnecessary friction between cross-sell or upsell opportunities.

Why Leaders Should Support Engineering & CS Collaboration

There are huge benefits when the technical builders work directly with the team who knows users' product usage best. Learn what strategies create and promote successful cross-team collaboration between engineering and customer success.

Cross-Functional Work vs. Cross-Team Collaboration

Cross-functional work is work that teams in different departments complete together within one organization. For businesses to work efficiently and achieve their most important projects, see why cross-functional work is necessary.

It's Ok To Ask Stupid Questions

Asking questions is essential for effective communication and collaboration within an organization. If you are working in a team or group setting, asking questions is necessary to ensure everyone understands the task and to minimize mistakes.

In Other SaaS CS News 🚨

How to Build Trust
When I hear customers sincerely say to me: “We trust you!”, I feel a great encouragement and joy. At the same time, trust can give me a lot…
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2023 Agenda: Max (and adapt) the Power of NPS for Your Customer Success (CS) Strategy
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We'll leave you with...

"A newly-pioneered wearable vest, called the 'Myoshirt,' has been researched and tested to increase mobility and strength for those who suffer from arm immobility." (Thanks to The Good News Network)

The Myoshirt is a soft, wearable exomuscle for the arms and shoulders; smart algorithms detect the user’s movements, and the vest can learn the user's movements the longer it is worn.

The mechanical movements can be tailored to the individual's preferences, so the user is always in control and has the option to override the device at any time if needed.

An individual suffering from a rare form of muscular dystrophy was increased by 61% using the “Myoshirt.” Keep Reading-->

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