Showdown Legends of CRM vs. CSP

CRM? CSP? What's the difference? Do you need both? Which one comes first? We're answering all of these questions and more in this issue.

Showdown Legends of CRM vs. CSP

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A Customer Success Leader's Guide to CRMs, PLG CRMs, and CSPs

In this comparison guide, you’ll gain an understanding of the current SaaS tool landscape, how CRMs, PLG CRMs, and CSPs are similar and different, when to choose the right tool, and much more!

What’s the Difference Between Your CRM and Customer Success Software?

Maintaining client interactions & retaining subscribers is the main goal. And using a CRM tool can do wonders for improving your CS program, especially when you pair it with the right customer success platform for your own business needs.

5 Things to Consider When Evaluating Your CS Tech Stack

It’s never too early to start building your CS tech stack. The earlier you start, the faster you’ll be able to create an effective, scalable, long-term Customer Success strategy.

Supercharging Your Tech Stack: The Relationship Between Your Customer Success Platform And CRM

There’s no denying the power of good customer relationship management (CRM) software. From storing contacts and opportunities to managing relationships and interactions, your CRM is a critical component of your business operations.

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Icebreakers You Can Steal For a Better Meeting... (by way of Medium)

There’s actually an art behind employing the right icebreaker at the right time, and after 1000s of hours of group facilitation I can confidently say that they absolutely impact the group’s willingness to do the work that lies ahead.

What comes next are three common scenarios in which icebreakers are particularly helpful, along with specific examples so you can copy and paste them into your next session... Keep Reading -->

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