Customer Success Wants Pie

In this issue, Customer Success wants a bigger piece of the budget pie and wants you to keep them in mind when creating your tech stack! And more!

Customer Success Wants Pie
The pie in question. 

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How CS Can Get a Bigger Piece of the Budget Pie

Downplaying your team’s needs undermines CS’s current impact and future revenue-driving potential. The solution is for CS leaders to learn how to get money to spend money so that they can make more of it.

Customer Success: Investment Thesis

A CSM without a CS software takes notes on Google Docs or Apple notes, sifts through 10 different windows to find relevant data, relies on engineers for product usage reports & requests marketing teams to send one-off emails to customers.

How to Create a Tech Stack With Your CS Team in Mind

Depending on what type of organization you’re in and how your Customer Success department was built, your tech stack could be helping your Customer Success team achieve its goals, or it could be potentially holding it back.

5 Reasons to Start Revenue Operations with Experts Now

Almost 75% of high-growth companies will apply Revenue Operations Approach by 2025. It means those who started aligning all the processes in the companies now will win tomorrow or in the nearest future.

In Other SaaS CS News 🚨

Day in the Life of the Most Productive CSM On Earth
Being the most productive CSM is not about the number of tasks completed, but knowing how to prioritize.
How Storytelling Can Renew Your B2B Marketing Strategy - Custify
In this article, we’ll explore how storytelling can help revitalize your B2B video marketing strategy and make your content more engaging and compelling.
The Complete Guide to Customer Micro-Segmentation
Here’s how customer micro-segmentation can help you create targeted marketing campaigns and accelerate revenue growth in your business.

We'll leave you with...

Chimpanzees Share Experiences With Each Other ‘Just Because’–A Trait Once Thought to Be Only Human (by way of Good News Network.)

When you’re out with your friends, how often do you want to share an experience by saying something like, ‘Wow, look at that’?

Now we know that chimpanzees do this too—a behavior once thought unique to humans.

Scientists recently observed a young chimp nagging its mom for attention for the sole purpose of showing her a leaf—for no reason other than to say something like, “Look, isn’t this a cool leaf?” Keep Reading -->

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