Customer Success vs. Everybody

Customer Success vs. everyone (but in a fun way), book recommendations, acquisitions from a CS perspective, and beyond.

Customer Success vs. Everybody
Image is inspired by Tommy Walker's original "Vs. Everybody" collection.

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Product Management vs. Customer Success

While the creation, journey, and provision of the product or service are critically supported by PM jobs, there is evidence that Customer Success roles, which disseminate value and experience, are on the increase.

Customer Support vs. Customer Success

While both are important, many businesses are beginning to focus more on customer success because it’s more efficient and cost-effective to help customers achieve their goals than it is to constantly be putting out fires.

Customer Marketing vs. Customer Success

No matter how loyal a customer may be, no one likes to be relentlessly sold to. With the right intentions, Customer Marketing activities can help reduce churn, raise customer retention, extend brand loyalty, and inspire customer advocacy.

Sales vs. Customer Success: Who Should Own Renewals and Upsells?

One of the most common topics posed in #CustomerSuccess forums, conferences, blogs, and beyond. The argued position is usually a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’: clear, decisive, and primarily supported by one’s conviction, with minimal objective information.

In Other SaaS CS News 🚨

Top 5 Book Recommendations for Customer Success Leaders
1. The Power of Moments, by Chip & Dan Heath
How to Craft the Best Client Onboarding Questionnaire
A client onboarding questionnaire promotes better communication with new clients. Here’s how to design one and administer it effectively.
One Year Later: Lessons Learned from an Acquisition from a CS Perspective — The Success League
During an acquisition it’s important for Customer Success leaders to focus on three areas: people, product and customers.

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Two-thirds of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia recorded the highest amount of coral cover in nearly four decades, though the reef is still vulnerable to climate change and mass bleaching, a monitoring group said Thursday. Keep reading -->

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