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Cut Out Customer Churn for Good
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3 Simple Tips to Reduce Churn as a CSM

When customers are dissatisfied and leave, it can affect your company’s success. Fortunately, you can follow three simple tips to keep your customers happy and loyal and ultimately reduce churn.

Why Customer Enablement and Activation Reduce Churn

Customer enablement and activation help reduce churn by equipping customers with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to get the most value from a product. Learn how you can implement such enablement at your organization.

12 Tips to Reduce Customer Churn

If you're looking for strategies to reduce customer churn, you're not alone. Several strategies can be implemented to help reduce customer churn, so read this blog to see what tips you could implement today!

Tracking Key Clients To Prevent Churn

From the CEO of UserGems, see how tracking job movements of your customer accounts can be an easy and proactive approach to managing relationships with individuals and helping prevent churn.

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A group of codebreakers have cracked the secrets and encoded messages in the letters written by Mary Queen of Scots while she was in captivity more than 430 years ago. (Thanks to the Good News Network)
The cipher used by Mary was so extensive that it was not able to be cracked by bibliographers in years prior.

The contents of the letters decoded so far reveal the thoughts, challenges, plots, and emotions penned by Mary while she was imprisoned by Queen Elizabeth I.

Using computerized and manual techniques, the research team decoded the letters written from 1578 to 1584, equaling about 50,000 words in total and enough to fill a book. --> Keep Reading

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