Putting the 'Manager' in Customer Success Manager

Or Manager, Customer Success... Whatever way you swing it, in this issue we're chatting about the internal management involved in managing Customer Success teams, and managing up within your organization.

Putting the 'Manager' in Customer Success Manager

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[Webinar] Climbing up the Customer Success Ladder From IC to People Manager

Vitally is bringing together a panel of CS leaders and a leadership expert to help individual contributors in CS understand what it takes to effectively make the transition from individual contributor to effective, and admired, people manager.

6 Ways CS Managers Can Update Their Team and Keep Them in the Loop

For Customer Success teams, change is inevitable, and it can be a powerful thing. Customer Success leaders need to understand the nuances of updating a team for these changes to be accepted and for them to stick.

Overcoming the Fear of Delegating

When I stepped into a leadership role here at Wrike, I discovered that it was incredibly difficult for me to start delegating. I was relieved to find out that I wasn’t alone in facing this challenge.

Championing the Customer Success team’s role in a way that other teams can’t ignore

For many people outside of the field, Customer Success is still a bit of a mystery. While this is more understandable for the “stranger on the street” scenario, it’s far less understandable for our organizational colleagues in different departments.

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How product teams can build empathy through experimentation (by way of Netflix Technology Blog)

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