High-Five Your Way to Successful Customer Renewals

High-Five Your Way to Successful Customer Renewals
✨Imagine Jim and Pam are CSMs giving each other a high-five for a successful renewal✨

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SaaS Renewal Strategies

Gain valuable insight and strategies on what SaaS companies can do to overcome the challenge of transitioning customers from active usage to renewal to maximize customer retention and revenue.

Customer Success Renewal Playbook

Need help mapping out a playbook for renewals? Look no further. Read this article for an example of a step-by-step outline CSMs can use to improve retention, increase product adoption, and effectively manage the renewal process.

7 Steps to Maximize Your Renewal Success Rate

Renewals can be stressful for companies and their Customer Success teams, but it doesn't have to be. Read this article for helpful tips and key best practices to ensure every customer will re-up during the renewal period.

Webinar: Managing the Renewal Process from Start to Finish

This webinar walks viewers through the comprehensive renewal process at Client Success. Hear Client Success CCO Kristi Faltorusso as she explains their organization's approach to timeline, ownership, process, and automation.

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The Webb Telescope captured the event of an exploding star and revealed dozens of colors in the image, with each color carrying a different explanation.

The image and the colors present help scientists understand the presence of dust in space.

Scientists have known for decades that galaxies are filled with dust clouds of heavy metals but did not have conclusive evidence that supernovas could be a potential source —>Keep Reading

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