We're backkkkk, nailing the handoff, sales & CS collaboration, and more

What do I think is the most critical thing in Customer Success as a new customer journey starts? Nailing the handoff.

We're backkkkk, nailing the handoff, sales & CS collaboration, and more
Nailing the handoff, scale or fail sales & CS collaboration, and more

Handoffs (Squared)

A note from the founder of TheCustomerSuccessNewsletter.com...

"What do I think is the most critical thing in Customer Success as a new customer journey starts?

Nailing the handoff.

As a prospect transitions to a customer, it's your first opportunity to demonstrate you understand the outcome they are trying to achieve with your service. While seemingly simple, it's probably the most common issue that leads to low engagement and churn, as well as affects the relationship between Sales and CS

This is a fitting topic for this issue as I've decided to handoff The Customer Success Newsletter. It's been a project close to my heart for a long time, and I'm happy to announce that the Vitally team will be steering the ship from here on out. I wanted to make sure I found the right partner to continue to provide value to you all and I'm excited with Vitally's vision of what comes next.

I'll still be involved in an editorial capacity with my thoughts on the different themes in each issue (can't get rid of me that easily).

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who's subscribed and I look forward to continuing to learn more about delivering great Customer Success!

— Alex Bakula-Davis

[Template] A Handoff Template to Help You Understand Your New Customers

By giving your team a clear understanding of the client, this meeting note template doesn't just let you set expectations; it lets you set a new standard for customer experience.

[Podcast] 5 Steps to Improve Customer Handoffs from a CCO

Megan Bowen, Chief Customer Officer at Refine Labs, talks steps to improve Sales to Customer Success handoffs on the B2B Growth podcast.

[Webinar Recording] Alignment is Out, Collaboration Is In

When it comes to Sales & CS—alignment is out, collaboration is in. Hear from Vitally, DUCO, Ignition, and Hubstaff on how they scaled collaboration between Sales and CS at their companies.

[Blog] 4 Ways to Accelerate Customer Onboarding

It's becoming increasingly important for customer success and onboarding teams to drive profitable, customer-led growth in their organizations. Here are four ways to accelerate your customer onboarding operations and scale customer success.

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We'll leave you with...

Advice on customer handoffs from a CSM (by way of Reddit)

“Take a look at your old botched handoffs. What questions were not asked that should have? What’s the most common point of confusion with new clients that should fall under sales wheelhouse? Those kinds of questions can help the handoff be more productive.”

Reddit User, r/CustomerSuccess

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