It's Time to Improve Customer Retention

Ready to improve Customer Retention at your organization? This week's CSN shares actionable strategies to help boost your Customer Retention Rate (CRR).

It's Time to Improve Customer Retention
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3 Tips to Boost Customer Retention

Multiple factors drive customer retention, but there are some efforts, conversations, and recommendations that Customer Success Managers can strategically focus on to create long-term & mutually beneficial partnerships.

How to Reduce Churn and Increase Retention Udemy Course

On the lookout for your next online learning course? We have you covered. This Udemy course covers 20 easy-to-implement strategies to reduce your churn rate in less than 3 months and increase your customer retention across the board.

7 Effective SaaS Retention Strategies

Data shows that you can save 10–30% of customers who want to cancel. To achieve these results, this blog will guide you through customer retention strategies as a series of steps & see which step should be your first action plan.

How To Calculate & Improve Your Customer Retention Rate

Customer retention is essential for business success because retaining existing customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones. Learn how to accurately calculate a Customer Retention Rate (CRR) and some key benefits of improving CRR.

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