Let that Stress Go; Mastering Post-Mortems in Customer Success

Post-mortem meetings can be stressful, but the CSN is here to help! We’re sharing strategies, tips, and templates on mastering post-mortems in Customer Success.

Let that Stress Go; Mastering Post-Mortems in Customer Success
Have any stress about an upcoming post-mortem meeting? It's time to let it go ❄️

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Helpful Post-Mortem Meeting Agenda Guidelines

If you've never held a post-mortem meeting, this blog shares some helpful practices to implement as part of your project management processes, improving collaboration, workflows, and ensuring a smooth meeting process.

Avoid Post-Mortems with Premortem Meetings

What is a premortem? Premortems are internal meetings that happen with the team before the project starts. These can help clarify potential risks and challenges beforehand, decreasing the risk of churn (and any post-mortem meetings).

Notion Post-Mortem Meeting Template

If you are a Notion user, this template is for you! Notion has a built-out template for post-mortem meetings, and this blog also gives tips and tricks on performing a practical and insightful meeting.

6 Steps for Running a Successful Post-Mortem Meeting

Though this blog is dedicated to project managers, there are some insightful tips on conducting a successful post-mortem meeting that Customer Success Managers could take into account. Trust us, it's worth the read!

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