Let's Hear It for the CSMs

Let's give the CSMs a hannnnnddddd! We're talking what your CSM new hires wish you included in onboarding, capabilities model, CS courses, and beyond!

Let's Hear It for the CSMs

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What Your New CSM Hires Wish You Did (& Didn't) Include During Onboarding

Vitally & RecastSuccess are bringing together CS leaders and practitioners from RecastSuccess, BigCommerce & Culture Amp to discuss CSM onboarding & how CS organizations can scale their onboarding process.

The Customer Success Manager Capabilities Model

While there is a common agreement on the “MUST-HAVE” characteristics, the CSM role has become more demanding & multifaceted. CSMs are expected to integrate various skills such as project management, task prioritization, etc.

10 Best Customer Success Courses and Training Programs for Customer Success Managers

How do you know which certifications or training programs are the best for you? We’ve listed what we think are the best customer success courses and training programs for customer success managers.

CSM as Mini-CEO: How to Lead without Authority

Ultimately, CSMs guide toward positive outcomes by inspiring action, but not always owning the activities to be done. They lead by influence, not authority. In many ways, the CSM role sounds harder than being a CEO.

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