Next Stop for Customer Success Organizations: Customer Education

We're hopping on the Magic School Bus for this week's edition of the CSN! Learn why customer education should be a prioritized investment to grow your Customer Success organization and streamline the customer journey.

Next Stop for Customer Success Organizations: Customer Education
No better person than Ms. Frizzle to promote (customer) education!!! 🪄🚌

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The Ultimate Guide to Customer Education in SaaS

Customer education programs streamline customer journeys, increase customer retention, and reduce the support costs for your product or service. Learn the benefits of a customer education program and how to launch one.

Customer Success and Customer Education = BFFs

Investing in Customer Success and customer education are saviors during uncertain times. See how customer education and CS can drive both parties' productivity, value, and efficiency.

Customer Education is the Core of Customer Success

Listen to CELab's podcast with guest Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, to learn how customer education is at the core of customer success in ensuring customers reach their desired outcomes with your product and company.

What is Customer Education Content – Examples & Benefits

Customer education content is key for businesses to educate their customers on their products or services. There are big advantages to providing such content, so check out some content examples that can get you started.

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We'll leave you with...

"An AI-powered spoke-wheeled robot, called the SentiV, is helping out farmers and their crops. This robot has the ability to inspect up to 50 acres of row crops for disease, pests, and other issues." (Thanks to the Good News Network)

Though currently a prototype, this robot is hoped to help farmers save on pesticides and fertilizer, as the SentiV can determine exactly which plants need what.

The 33-pound robot moves about on spokes to avoid crushing plants and is ideal for farmers looking to reduce labor costs and hours.

Placing the GPS coordinates of the field’s boundaries, the SentiV robot uses these boundaries as a guide to map the whole field. It then scans the underside and topside of plants with its cameras. --> Keep Reading

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