NO Customer Success REGRETS

6 things founders will look back on in SaaS and regret, the CX terms every CEO should know, supporting CS through change and growth, and beyond

NO Customer Success REGRETS

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Regret #1: Not Having Had More Folks in Customer Success

Jason Lemkin of SaaStr is highlighting six more things founders will look back on in SaaS and regret. And in a surprise to, well, no one, not doing enough to support customers/customer success takes the top two spots on this list.

Regret #2: Not Knowing These 6 CX Terms as a CEO

Today's CEO better be up to speed on the CX lingo and terminology that’s now de facto from the field to the boardroom. And it’s not just learning the terms; it’s learning why and how they’re so critical to your growth.

Regret #3: Not Supporting a CSM Team Through Change and Growth

Leaders and decision-makers need to take specific steps to properly lead their CSM team through these times of change to ensure that the team stays unified, everyone feels supported, and the level of service is the same or better for customers.

Regret #4: Not Choosing the Right Customer Data Platform for your Business

Since there’s a wide variety of CDPs in the market and they do not all fully deliver the capabilities of a customer data platform, Insider has prepared a great question list for you to think about when choosing the right CDP for your needs.

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We'll leave you with...

The case for the vertical farm (by way of Medium)

Vertical farms are popping up everywhere right now, and the technologies that drive them—the solar energy, nutrient provision and growth optimization—are just getting started. By every measure, vertical farms are a resounding success, and we’re going to hear a lot about them in the coming years.

And yet: there are just 74 acres of vertical farms operating in the world today.

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