(On)Boarding the Customer Success Express

In this edition of the CSN, read about the latest takes for CSM and customer onboarding, plus some tools to consider adding to your onboarding tech stack.

(On)Boarding the Customer Success Express
The Customer Success Express arriving at the train station nearest you 🚂

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Improve Buyer Experience with Sales-Assisted Onboarding

Sales-assisted roles in a PLG setting are less about selling and more about educating and supporting the buyer. Learn a few tips on how to improve the SaaS buyer experience with sales-assisted onboarding.

Call Shadowing for Customer Success Manager Onboarding

Onboarding new Customer Success Managers (CSMs) is more than just having them thoroughly study the product and review the business processes. Learn why call shadowing should be added to your CSM onboarding.

15 Best SaaS Automation Tools To Include in Your Stack

Which SaaS automation tool is best for your business? Unfortunately, it's hard to pick the right tool that suits your budget and meets your requirements. In this guide, learn about the best automation tools you should use in your tech stack.

Customer Onboarding: Steps, Examples, and Best Practices

The customer onboarding process is arguably the most critical stage of the customer lifecycle. Since onboarding is the first step in their customer journey, it sets the tone of their relationship with your product and company.

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We'll leave you with...

"Laser light therapy has recently been found to be effective in improving short-term memory, according to a new study. The non-invasive therapy can improve short-term memory by 10% to 25%." (Thanks to The Good News Network)

Scientists from the University of Birmingham in the UK and Beijing Normal University in China have named the "treatment transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM)."

In a given session, laser light is applied to an area of the brain known as the right prefrontal cortex. This area of the brain is widely recognized as important for working memory.

During the experimentation phase, the team of scientists demonstrated that working memory improved among research participants after several minutes of treatment. Keep Reading ->

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