Score BIG with Customer Health

In this issue, we're focusing on customer health scores, with articles discussing customer health score metrics, frameworks, and some handy tips and tricks to set you up for success.

Score BIG with Customer Health
Keeping customers happy and healthy!!

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Creating Customer Health Scores That Go Beyond the Binary

Vitally is hosting a panel of Customer Success leaders to discuss how organizations can enhance their Health Scoring models by making the most out of their customer data, segmentation strategies,  and out-of-the-box health score equations.

Customer Health Scores 101

When a customer's health score is high, it often means their level of happiness is high, too. It's always a good idea to develop a system to help your team monitor and evaluate customer health.

The Full Guide to Customer Health Scores

Customer Health Scores are a necessity for B2B SaaS businesses. In this guide, see how your business can benefit from applying the tactics described to improve customer relationships and overall company growth.

6 Common Health Scoring Metrics

Discover how this customer health scoring framework can help your CS team configure customer health score profiles by bringing in customer data and other customer metrics to build a weighted health score.

In Other SaaS CS News 🚨

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Whatever side of this debate you’re on, it doesn’t hurt for a CSM to have a greater appreciation and understanding of how to sell.
CX: ‘Unlearn Your Mindset’
8 years ago, I began to work as a waitress in a local restaurant. Of course, as a young college student, It wasn’t a pleasant experience…
The CS Magic Number: How To Calculate Customer Success Efficiency With A Single Metric | Catalyst
The CS Magic Number provides an understanding of how much people power is required to retain + expand your customer base. Read on to learn more.

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In October, Wiley Prewitt found something sticking out of a sandbar on a stretch of the mighty river in Rosedale, near the Arkansas border.

Prewitt submitted his finding at the Mississippi Fossil Artifact Symposium, discovering the fossilized tooth was from an American lion.

Almost all animals iconic to Africa’s wild savannahs once lived in North America; rhinos, mastodons, giant ungulates, and yes, even lions.
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