Sending Customer Success Newsletters in an Economic Downturn

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Sending Customer Success Newsletters in an Economic Downturn

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40 Keywords You Should Include in Your Customer Success Resume

This article identifies 40 keywords you need to include in your resume based on my analysis of 500 Customer Success jobs across 25+ countries. Using a combination of the keywords will help you showcase your transferable experience and understanding of the role, even if you don't have direct experience in CS.

Customer Success Job Boards

Some Customer Success job boards from across the web:

Customer Success Career Services

As the former leader of LinkedIn’s Global Customer Learning for Talent Acquisition, RecastSuccess' Cofounder shares industry insights from thousands of recruiters & hiring managers to remove obstacles at each step of the process.

Lessons from the Recent Tech Layoffs

Many of my peers in tech have been worried that the ground is starting to get shaky when it comes to tech employment. It's not, but the fact that there is concern illustrates an important lesson we need to remember, no matter your industry.

In Other SaaS CS News 🚨

The Many Pieces and Parts of Customer Success Operations - ESG
When we take a look at how CS Ops should fit into our larger organization, we need to think about what best serves the customer-facing members of our department, and in turn, what best serves our customers.
A Playbook for Running Customer Success in HubSpot
In this 60-minute video we’ll cover how to configure HubSpot for running onboarding and ongoing success across the customer journey.
The Importance of Consistency in Customer Success Management
World-class Heads of Customer Success evangelize, prioritize, and even incentivize Consistency with their team. it’s that important.

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An Interview With the Guy Who Ate a Rotisserie Chicken Every Day for 40 Days (by way of Vice)

Do you reckon you could eat a whole rotisserie chicken, all by yourself? You probably think you could, right? “Easily!” you just said to yourself. Alright then, well how about a whole rotisserie chicken, every day, for 40 days straight? Suddenly, you’re not so sure, right? Keep Reading --> 

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