Sleighing Customer Success Leadership in 2023

In this edition of the CSN, get inspired to lead your Customer Success team to achieve their goals in 2023!

Sleighing Customer Success Leadership in 2023
Time to sleigh Customer Success leadership in the new year 🛷❄️

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Top 15 Customer Experience Quotes To Inspire You in 2023

Effectively understanding and executing CX analytics operations can improve the customer experience at your company. This blog shares quotes to inspire you to think differently about your marketing and business strategies.

Based on a survey of over 1,000 Customer Success leaders, ChurnZero's third annual Customer Success Leadership Study reveals the top trends and opportunities in Customer Success from 2022.

Non-Performative Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Employee morale is critical to achieving Customer Success and business outcomes. See how Customer Success leaders and individual contributors can take steps to boost employee morale in a genuine, meaningful, and impactful way.

The Chief Customer Officer: Roles, Responsibilities, and ROI

The value of the customer is at the forefront of any business, and a Chief Customer Officer can help. In this blog, read everything you need to know about the Chief Customer Officer leadership role—including what they can do for you.

In Other SaaS CS News 🚨

How to Choose the Best Customer Data Platform (CDP) in 2023
37% of marketers want to choose the best customer data platform for their company. Our guide shows a detailed approach to choosing your ideal CDP.
Be Sure Your CSM Team Has These 5 Playbooks | ClientSuccess
Playbook Vectors by Vecteezy For customer success teams, playbooks are invaluable tools to help them save time and be more efficient in their customer interactions. Playbooks consist of a series of actions, next steps, and tactical items that can be…
Pathways to Customer Success: Career Journeys Revisited | SuccessCOACHING
While there’s not one right way to approach a new Customer Success career, there are several common pathways that one might take. From careers in marketing and sales, to less typical starting points such as retail and teaching. In this article, we are revisiting ten of the most common pathways someo

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"The need for critical minerals continues to grow, but the extraction process is now environmentally friendly. A new mining robot has proven that sustainable ocean mining is possible." (Thanks to The Good News Network)

Full of lithium, nickel, and cobalt, the nodules (aka critical minerals) provide battery manufacturers with a more sustainable supply that doesn’t involve carbon-intensive mining.

A company proved it's possible to harvest nodules with precision and smart learning rather than dredging with destructive plows. Eureka 1 is the world’s first undersea selective mining robot.

The underwater robots are not tethered to a vessel and don’t make contact with the seabed. Instead, they hover above the seabed to extract the minerals. Keep Reading ->

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