Strategizing the Ultimate Customer Success Playbook

In this week's edition of the CSN, we're talking all things Customer Success Playbooks! We hope these resources inspire you to build the ultimate playbook for your CS team.

Strategizing the Ultimate Customer Success Playbook
[That CS Playbook] has a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off 🤾🔴

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How to Make a Customer Success Playbook that Works

To better scale and transition your company to a greater growth stage, you should invest time in creating playbooks and scripts to help you handle every type of situation you and your CS team might face. This blog can show you the way!

Why a CS Playbook is a Must-Have for Every Team

Playbooks provide proactive solutions to help busy CSMs accomplish more with their time. See why Customer Success playbooks are a must-have for CS teams looking to templatize repeatable processes and actions.

SaaS Customer Success Onboarding Playbook

An onboarding playbook is an overview of the onboarding process for new customers and ensures a positive user experience. Learn why using a repeatable onboarding framework helps customers and CS teams from getting overwhelmed.

Customer Success Playbook Template

Customer success playbooks are incredibly useful and organized methods to keep track of tasks and deliverables. Read about which metrics, steps, updates, and meetings should be included in a playbook template.

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"Archaeologists recently discovered what may be the oldest and most complete Egyptian mummy near the Step Pyramid of Djoser." (Thanks to the Good News Network)

A limestone sarcophagus located at the bottom of a 45-foot shaft contained the remains of a wealthy man whom hieroglyphics named Heka-shepas.

The remains of Heka-shepas were found covered in gold lead, as well as various jewelry pieces decorated across the body.

In addition to Heka-shepas’ tomb, other shafts were found near the tomb that contained wooden statues behind a false wall. These statues are said to represent a person named Fetek. --> Keep Reading

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