Up Next: Data-Driven Customer Success Teams

In this week's edition of the CSN, discover data-driven techniques to empower your Customer Success team and deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Up Next: Data-Driven Customer Success Teams
CSMs getting ready to look at new customer data 📹

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How Data Drives Customer Success & Revenue Growth

This blog provides all the secrets of leveraging Customer Success strategies and data-driven techniques to empower revenue growth and establish best practices for CSMs to implement into their everyday tasks.

Are Customer Success Managers Also Data Analysts?

Customer Success Managers are many things, and being a data analyst is one of them. CSMs measure and analyze customer data daily; this blog shares how to use data to create profitable strategies for engaging & retaining customers.

CSMath: Make Data-Driven Decisions in Customer Success

Looking for a resource that's not a blog? This Udemy course is an option! Learn how to apply essential statistical tools to common CS challenges, track churn accurately, plus how to interpret NPS & CSAT surveys in new ways.  

3 Ways CSMs Can Use Intent Data to Prevent Customer Churn

CSMs must be hyper-aware of account health and activity. Read the blog to see three unique ways to use intent data to help drive product adoption and renewals and how to identify upsell opportunities.

In Other SaaS CS News 🚨

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It’s no secret that the SaaS industry is poised for a huge growth spurt… especially in the US 🇺🇸 From last year’s figure of $251.17B to a mammoth $883.34B…
The Major Components of Well-established Customer Relationship
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Customer Success Leadership Roundtable: Defining the Important Metrics to Track | SuccessCOACHING
This live online discussion features a panel of Customer Success leaders sharing their thoughts on how they use metrics and which metrics are important for CS teams to track.

We'll leave you with...

"According to a new study, rooms filled with plants can help disinfect the air, adding an extra layer of coverage to protect people from the Common Cold and the Flu." (Thanks to the Good News Network)

When absorbing sunlight, plants produce hydrogen peroxide. This caustic chemical was present in microscopic water droplets floating through the air in rooms with house plants.

The results of the study show the role of plants can be cleansing, influence climate change, and can affect urban and indoor air quality.

Plants could be a viable nature-based solution for air quality improvement and to defend against pathogenic outbreaks of infectious diseases —> Keep Reading

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