Why You Gotta Go and Make Churn So Complicated?

This week we're talking churn prediction, prevention, better offboardings, and beyond.

Why You Gotta Go and Make Churn So Complicated?

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How to Uncomplicate Your Churn Problem

Too many businesses consider churn unavoidable and incredibly complex to determine or react to, but that is a business myth. Especially since churn, like any other revenue metric, can be tracked, analyzed, and predicted. Here’s how...

Scale or Fail: Operationalizing Churn Prediction, Prevention, Payments, and Post-Mortem

Vitally & Chargebee are bringing together a panel of Customer Success and Operations leaders to discuss how they use churn prediction to maintain, and expand within, their installed customer base and position CS as a revenue driver.

Calculate Customer Churn Rate and Reduce It

If you’re a fledgling business still trying to get its feet, you should begin tracking churn, like, yesterday. If you’re a mature business, you should regularly review your churn calculations and reporting process to ensure it’s robust enough.

Optimize user offboarding process to discover the reasons behind cancellation

A positive offboarding experience will help keep that door open. It also helps to ensure that the customer has a positive experience with your company from start to finish—a crucial component of benefiting from word of mouth.

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